Thursday, January 23, 2014

Vertigo by Chris Faust feat. Enoch Benoit

     Another week, and another fantastic single by Chris Faust who is seems to be on a mission to take over 2014. This single "Vertigo", will be on the concluding volume of his "Villain" series and based on his two released singles, it's gearing up to be the best one yet (read the UCARB review on Villain Two of Three). Production on the track is done by Sunny Jones and also features live bass from Enoch Benoit giving "Vertigo" all the right vibes. Faust recently tweeted this: "Shouts to everyone listening to all the new tunes. I don't ever want you to go a week without something new from me from now on."
That tweet alone should get everyone extremely fired up as we will be fortunate enough to watch this highly talented artist take his career into the next level. Stay tuned for more from Chris Faust!

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