Saturday, February 2, 2013

Villain:Issue 2 of 3 by Chris Faust

  From the moment I downloaded this album I just had this feeling in my gut that it was going to be good, I just didn't know it'd be extremely good! Chris Faust is just this really cool guy who makes some really cool music. I think one of my favorite things about Chris Faust is that he will have a line that makes an analogy, or comparison and at first I have no idea what he said, then I listen to it over and I realize that he made some crazy comparison that went over my head the first time! I like to call artists like Chris Faust, an "Educated Lyricist." I call him that because in his songs, especially on this album, he will get a topic, take you on a trip around the topic while still staying inside the theme of the song. Doing this is NOT recommended to any kids that want to start rapping, that is unless your name is Chris Faust.
  On the album Villain:Issue 2 of 3 you will hear some the chillest,coolest, and smoothest beats you've ever heard. I feel that if the best lyricist had simple beats, I couldn't really listen to it because the beats are half the battle, a battle in which Mr.Faust, has won. Another cool thing about this album is that it is the second of three Villain albums to come out so that makes it the middle child of the trio. Most middle children are overlooked, and all around not given much credit. Villain: Issue 2 may be in the middle, but just like Malcolm it steals the show (my corny Malcolm in the Middle reference). My favorite track on this album is called "My Dreams Are Your Nightmares" and Chris Faust fits this elegant beat PERFECTLY. This song alone made me really appreciate Chris Faust and all the music he makes. Another one of my personal favorites off this epic album is "Arkham" its a really chill song that gets you from the first verse when Faust says "Wise words from a decent man". I don't know what it is about that line but it pulls you into the rest of his album, I guess you could call that line the thesis of the album. In the end this album does NOT disappoint and is actually a true favorite of mine. I also recommend checking out ALL of Chris Faust's other projects (links will be posted below) He's a great dude with great potential so check him out!

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*I'd like to thank Chris for being on board with the blog and best of luck to him in the future!

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