Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Capture The Essence by R.O

Capture The Essence
  About a month ago a reader of the blog "tweeted" me and told me I need to check out this guy R.O. At the time I didn't think much of the tweet but then I decided, what the heck, and I went to his bandcamp  page and downloaded Capture The Essence. For the first week I couldn't get past the second track of the album, not because it was horrible, but because the second track is Due For Reimbursement (featured single for 3/24-3/31). This song is honestly the realest rap song I've heard in quite sometime. Then I just started listening to every song on the album and what I found was that this album had a little of everything within the hip-hop genre. For instance some tracks like Give It All Away, and The Awakening are these really deep songs to a more mellow beat, while Due For Reimbursement has deeper lyrics, and a much harder beat. Some songs on this album are anthem songs and true rap songs that get you pumped, then the very next track would be considered an indie hip-hop track and I just find this aspect of the album very unique. Capture The Essence has a total of 16 tracks and I would say that about 12 of the tracks are really good, and I don't have a problem with any of the songs, they're are just a few songs that don't move me, but that can be said on just about every album. Like I personally don't smoke so I  had a hard time really getting into the track about smoking. Good news for me, there's only one track all about smoking so no big deal. I think one of the many reasons I like R.O is because he's putting on for my hometown of Charlotte NC, and he's doing it in a good way. By that I mean he's not another garbage emcee who just raps about money, girls and drugs, he raps about what's real to him, and the end results are really solid tracks. I think everyone should check out this album, R.O is pretty lyrical and a lot of his songs have some really cool samples and make the tracks sound really good. At first I'll admit I was pretty skeptical on this album, but if you've read the blog before you know I only do reviews on albums I enjoy, so this one must be pretty good right?

* Download Capture The Essence on bandcamp and follow him on twitter @ROME845
* R.O is dropping two albums the first week of April on his bandcamp page, Love Defies Gravity & Underground Rap Pharaoh so make sure you get those when they drop!
* Check out R.O's YouTube

Letting Go by R.O

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