Sunday, January 25, 2015

Monster Jazz Rancher by SkyBlew x Robot Orchestra

One of the best things about indie hip-hop, is the ability to closely follow an artist and see all the twists and turns that their career holds as they work their way to being a familiar name. In this instance, I'm talking about the North Carolina emcee, SkyBlew and his latest venture with German producer, Robot Orchestra. Together, these two are working on a jazzy-hop (jazz and hip-hop) mixtape that will speak volumes to Blew's versatility if done right. Though, based on this lead single, "Monster Jazz Rancher" this mixtape will be done to the highest degree. On this specific track, listeners will hear an extreme amount off jazz inspired and infused instrumentation going hand in hand with the educated lyrics and flow from SkyBlew himself. He even drops a bit of an ode to the famed OutKast track "Rosa Parks" so listen for that as well. Give this track a play and comment your thoughts!

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