Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Rhymes On Paper (Video) by Astronote feat. Blu

Wondering how to make any beat better? The answer to that is simple; call in west-coast rhymer Blu and let him drop knowledge like we know he can. That is the formula for the latest visual offering by Astronote, titled "Rhymes On Paper" which is a single off his latest album Astroblacked, which debuted on June 24th. The beat teeters in and out of the boom-bap classification, and it's smooth tempo and soft feel is basically built for Blu's style. To touch on Blu, he seems to be in prime form, although he has been known to be a wildcard in recent years.  Check out the video, enjoy the music, and comment your thoughts!


  1. Saw Below The Heavens in the record store the other day and was upset I didn't have the cash to grab it. Blu is my dude. I hope it's still there this weekend.



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