Saturday, February 16, 2013

People Hear What They See by Oddisee

     I think it was destiny that I bought this album. Prior to purchase I had never heard of Oddisee or even Mello Music Group. I say it was destiny because I was surfing on itunes for some new music. This gem came across my screen and I started reading the ratings for this album and I saw there were a lot of people for this album and few against it, so I took a chance and bought this album. When I first started playing People Hear What They See only two tracks really stood out to me, Ready to Rock and You Know Who You Are. I don't really know what it was about these two songs I just loved them. I mean these two songs were on repeat and I wasn't really listening to the other tracks so I decided to play it full through. I just kept playing it, and playing it and really listening to what Oddisee was saying and then I finally realised that there is not one bad song on this entire album. I was just so used to hip-hop being cliche', but this album truly changed my perception on music in general. I could hear real instruments behind Oddisee's unique voice and it sounded amazing! I would say maybe one or two albums will come out every so often that change everything and for me, this was that album. In the long run, without this album I would've never heard of guys like Javier Starks, yU, Substantial, or my favorite music label, Mello-Music Group. I think that Oddisee is one of the most innovative guys in music, a song off this album that proves this is That Real. The music is awesome and his lyrics are incomparable because they are just so high class. In the song That Real he says "I'm a realist, optimistically drinking from the glass of the pessimistic"I don't even know how you could think of that. This guy is truly one of my favorite artist of any genre ever. I remember when I found out that he produced every song on the album and that the music is all actual instruments I was in awe. I personally believe that one of the coolest sounds in music is when someone is rapping to live music. It sounds amazing and then when you have an emcee who knows the essence of hip-hop and shows that through his lyrics, your outcome is People Hear What They See.

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