Sunday, January 13, 2013

Home Is Where the Art Is by Substantial

"Wow..." That was the only word I could use when I first heard Check My Resume, the first single of Home Is Where the Art Is. Prior to hearing this song I had never heard of Substantial, but I have always been a fan of Mello Music Group, and when I saw that he was putting out an album with MMG and Oddisee was mixing and arranging the tracks, I knew I had to get it. The album dropped September 4th of 2012 and I got it on the first day it was released just because I was that pumped to hear this Substantial guy! I remember putting it on the first track, not knowing what to expect, and when the beat kicked in and Substantial started spitting, I was instantly hooked.  I honestly can not find one song on this whole album that isn't great. This is one of my personal favorite albums of 2012 and probably in my personal top 20 for hip-hop albums of all time, its that good. I would tell you my favorite track on this album but its a four way tie between Check My Resume, Grateful, Spilled Milk, and Mr. Consistent. Its a real shame that more people haven't heard of the album or Substantial because he has some of the sickest lyrics that go perfect with the beats. One of my favorite quotes from him is on the track Check My Resume, where he says "I'm the man for the job while you slackers doing jobs for the man." I just love word play rhymes like that and that is one of the things I noticed about Home Is Where the Art Is, it has a few soft sounding, deep, meaningful songs, then it will have a songs that just get your head nodding, it even has a few songs that you will listen to pregame because they just get you hyped! All that variety in 12 tracks, that's what I call a great album! Its this kind of album that made me want to start this blog because it deserves to be heard by everyone, and my hope is that one day people will come to my blog to find out about an album as good as this one. Just go buy Home Is Where the Art Is!

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