Friday, February 15, 2013

Q & A Session with Javier Starks

Javier Starks is a good friend of mine, as I am a big fan of him. He is putting out a new album in the near future, and in this interview you will know all about how sick this album will be, and how awesome Javier is.
Me) What is the title of your upcoming project & when is the anticipated release date?
Javier) The title is Radio Ready and it was originally set to release in February, but we found a few gems to add and we pushed it back to March
Me) What does the title mean?
J) I think of it as a soundtrack to a short film, because its a concept album of going through my day and its also a public message to everyone.
Me) What is going to separate this project from your other two albums?
J) Forever Amor was a love project for the true hip-hop fans, while Faces of Change was a compilation of songs featuring long time friends of mine, so Radio Ready is my first time being able to express myself as an artist on an album that offers a little bit of everything, all without any cursing)
Me) Are there any big names featuring on this album?
J) I want to leave that up to speculation, but you will hear one or two new voices you may not be familiar with..
Me) What is your number one goal with this album?
J) That's tough, because I think so broad, but I would say my number one goal is to give every body something they can love, without compromising who I am.
Me) Anything you would like to say about the album to the readers?
J) Radio Ready will be one of the best projects you've ever heard. Its also real and not diluted, and "dope" is an understatement on this album.
 We’re going to switch lanes from the album to get to know the real more about you.
Me) What keeps you motivated to continue to make music?
J) I was a born again Christian in 04, so my views on religion have grown, and I'm more open to things and the idea I'm creating a difference by being myself and if Radio Ready is successful and I continue to grow to the youth, then I am a living example that you don't have to be negative to be successful in this current industry. Also just making music all people can love and appreciate while I'm being myself.
M)e What would you say to people who are skeptic about your music?
J)What I say when I talk to them is I relate to them, and say that if things in rap are out of proportion, wouldn't you want a rapper doing something about it in a positive way?
Me) What is your favorite part about being an artist?
J) I love hip-hop culture, just in all and everything about it, I just love hip-hop

*I would like to thank Javier for being such a stand-up guy and doing this interview with me. This project will be incredible and if you want to check out the review on his last album click here.To listen to the FULL hour long conversation/interview I had with Javier click here.
*Check out his bandcamp page here & his twitter here. I hope you enjoy this read and I hope even more you support Javier, he is more than a rapper, he is a role model!

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