Friday, January 11, 2013

Faces of Change By Javier Starks

Now before I get into reviewing the album, Faces of Change by Javier Starks, I want to first talk about Javier himself. I want to personally thank him for giving me the motivation to make the dream of writing my own album review blog, into a reality. I consider Javier a good friend and he is just an all around awesome dude, so it is no surprise that my first album review goes to the guy that helped me get this thing going!
     I first heard Javier Starks when he was featured in a Substantial track along with Homeboy Sandman. On this track Javier stood out to me because of his fast spitting lyrics and his unique flow. I then did what any good hip-hop fan would do, and googled this guy, I found him on twitter and saw that he was way more than just another rapper from DC, he was a ROLE MODEL. I learned that he does some youth work, and I found first hand that he is always helping others and just being a classy representative of God. Without hesitation I went to download his newest album, Faces of Change. In word word to sum up this album, I would say, bulls eye. This FREE album may only have 14 tracks, but there is literally a song for every emotion, every occasion that you may come across. Javier has this very unique, almost raspy voice that goes perfectly with his deep lyrics and sick beats. He also has some big name features in Faces of Change such as, Uptown XO, Logic, and even Substantial. This album proves that if you make music the way you want, good things will come. My personal favorite track on this album is Don't Be Afraid feat. Uptown XO. I would recommend this to everyone, this is a guy who is always working and deserves to be heard.

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