Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Go O Say More by Ozay Moore

If you're looking for some smooth, soft, and very mellow hip-hop, then "Go O Say More" by the extremely talented rhymesmith Ozay Moore is NOT for you! This track hits hard and fast, and while Ozay's stomach turning rhymes add to to that feeling, the main contributor is the powerful and compelling beat produced by Stro Elliot which will get listener's head nodding and their fists pumping! Not only that, but the repeated chants of "Go O Say More" throughout the song makes this hip-hop track perfect for any high energy situation. As if that weren't enough, Moore is sure to "say more" than simple cliches, as he actually displays some very strong lyricism from the start of this song to its end. Give "Go O Say More" a listen, and be sure to comment your thoughts!

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