Sunday, December 21, 2014

Bragg BLVD by Kaj Kadence

Bragg BLVD Kaj Kadence

     A focal point here on the site, is bringing undiscovered albums and artists onto a platform for them to be heard. An album that without question needs to be heard, is Bragg BLVD, the latest effort from Fayeteville, North Carolina rhymer Kaj Kadence. Often times, artists will have some decent material within their catalog, but lack the consistentcy that can really solidify the fact they have talent. Prior to Bragg BLVD, this is what classification Kadence would be in, even though this his only his second official release, he just didn't have a definitive sound, rather than just sparks of greatness.

     While Bragg BLVD will still probably go extremely underrated, those who hear it will be able to say with much certainty that this guy has game. From the beats to the lyrics and flows, this project is a well rounded piece of work that is suitable for any hip-hop fan, as Kadence has an array of styles, which he displays throughout the album. 

     Kaj will really surprise listeners with his firm and structured delivery of his lyrics. On just about every track, his voice and flow comes off as if he is a distinguished rapper within the industry, rather than moderately unknown emcee. It's important to note his delivery first, because no matter how sharp or great an artist's lyrics are, they are irrelevant if they can't be conveyed in a listenable way, and Kaj really seems to have a stable grasp on this concept.

     So his flow is on point, but are his lyrics anything special? As a matter of fact, they are. Kaj is a bit of a hybrid, as sometimes he can have the thoughtful and conscious lyrics, and other times just have the kind of lyrics that will have listeners fitted with a wide grin as they bob their heads to rhythm. Additionally, a lot of the hooks are fairly catchy and smooth, and in the indie hip-hop community, that seems to be a bit of a lost art. While the actual verses are extremely important, hooks are equally as vital, because they often hold the "it" factor that will have people playing the same song time and time again. While not every track on the album is equipped with a catchy hook, a good portion of them do, and that exponentially improves the listening experience.

     It should be clear that there are minimal flaws in terms of the vocals on Bragg BLVD, but what about the backbone of hip-hop albums; the beats? Although they come from a multitude of producers, the beats still sound somewhat cohesive, as they all incorporate hints of jazz, and blues with a nice drumkick to get listeners heads moving. Also prevalent in a few of the beats, is a smooth bass line to carry the rhythm. This is a subtle characteristic on most beats, but it definitely adds another dimension to the finished sound. The beats are all pretty solid for the most part, so similar to the vocals, there are minimal flaws which should leave the public with minimal gripes.

     As stated previously, this is only Kadence's second official release, but there just seems to be something about Bragg BLVD that will draw listeners in, and make them instant fans of the young artist. Kaj sounds so confident and mature throughout the album, and that is a testament to the potential that this guy possess. Keep your eyes, and ears on Kadence as his career progresses, it'll be worth it.


  1. I been a fan since day one, his first album had some classics for real. "Living Legend & Jay Gatsby".... Braggs Blvd is good when you on the move. I suggest if your new to Kaj Kadence you just start the album from the top, as he educates the world on rolling down North Carolina's Braggs BLVD. Shout out to the (910)

  2. Thanks for reading the review! Yeah, Kaj really has a great project with this one



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