Sunday, November 23, 2014

To:You by Von Pea & The Other Guys

     Three is a magic number, it always has been and always will be. Some of the most famous trios include Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt; Wade, Bosh, and Lebron; Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman:; Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash. Heck, even the Bee-Gees rolled with three! So how does this relate to the new Von Pea album? Well, he teamed up with the best production duo, The Other Guys, to create the latest of these triumphant trios and man did they make one hell of an album!

     The album is called, To:You, and it's the latest project put out by Kevin Nottingham's HiPNOTT Records as they have been on a tear of great releases and signings of late. The Other Guys actually had Von Pea on their summer hit "Blow My Mind" and thankfully they decided to get together and knock out a full-length project!

     The production work is top-notch as those familiar with The Other Guys know exactly what Joe and Isaiah are capable of in terms of creating beats. Those unfamiliar with the duo will learn why these are among the best in the business as they display some of their best production work to date. 

     Their production sound is very consistent, and sample heavy. The album's beats are soulful, smooth, and serene as they represent the DMV excellently. The Other Guys have a knack for creating head-nod inducing beats as they created a wonderful and recurring style for the album, and their style blends exquisitely with the rhymes and flows of the Tanya Morgan member, Von Pea. The Other Guys really took this album to the next level, and they work will not be disavowed for their contribution to the project.

     Now, let's to talk about the man on the album cover as well as the voice heard throughout the project; Von Pea. The man is dope, no way around it. He has some of the illest rhymes and an unmistakable flow. His style is unique and his delivery is rarely flawed. The man creates great music and To:You just proves the previous remarks to be true. 

     His lyricism is clever and he really is a versatile rapper. While he isn't strictly a punch-line rapper, or a story teller, he is strong enough in both categories to add a playful mix within his rhymes. He is just great at conveying a message and on this album, that message is creating music that listeners will enjoy, and he does just that. His best lyrical work can be heard on the track "Chasing Amy AKA In Your Heart" as he tells an extremely relatable story on top of one of the best beats on the album. On a side note, Von Pea may have some of the best pre(and post)-verse talks in the history of hip-hop. Listen to the album and you'll understand exactly what I mean.

     Also featured on the album is legendary rhymer Substantial, as well as artists Kooley High and the entire Lessondary Crew! Other than that, there aren't any features as Von handles the rest of the vocals. Sadly, Isaiah (of The Other Guys) did not rhyme on any of the album's tracks, however, he more than made up for it with his work with Joe on the beats.

     To sum up this album in one quick sentence, something along the lines of "Von Pea teamed up with The Other Guys and made an album and it was extremely dope" should do the trick. This isn't album of the year or anything of that nature, but it's a really solid album with minimal flaws and a great replay value. That sound's like something worth checking out, so do just that and comment your thoughts!



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