Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fresh Gordon by dFresh

The name Flash Gordon spews greatness. He is the definition of cool, and stopped at nothing in his quest to defeat emperor Ming. Now, turn his captivating story into a hip-hop album, and you've got Fresh Gordon, the latest effort by the Delaware based emcee, dFresh. While this concept project is obviously a play on the popular comic book character, dFresh did, however, do a wonderful job at blending his own ingenuity to the already famed name, thus making for a very enjoyable listen. One of the neater aspects of the album is the incorporation of Queen's original soundtrack from the Flash Gordon Movie, this added the nostalgia element, and it was done in a very professional and smooth way, which really elevated the production on the project. Additionally, dFresh was able to display his array of talent as a rhymer, with his clever lines and mature delivery. Although this is an EP, it's still a fun and entertaining project that's worthy of everyone's ears. So give it a listen, and be sure to comment your thoughts below!

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