Thursday, June 4, 2015

Still Eatin' by Allen Poe

When it comes to his upcoming EP, Still Eatin', Allen Poe is a lot like Jake and Elwood Blues; he's on a mission (from God). By that, I simply mean that the singles he has released off this five-track project are incredible, and with that said, it's time everyone listens to the second single from Still Eatin' that bears the same name.

Still Eatin' (the song) is an all-around great track as the beat is as funky as ever, and the lyrics are sharp and pristine. Poe has been in prime form of late and clearly he has no plans on slowing down. This up-tempo sound will get listener's heads nodding, while the smooth and seemingly flawless delivery of crisp metaphors from Poe should create a listening experience similar to this. The project is due on June 9th, and this could be a project that makes its way to a few year-end lists...yeah, it's gunna be that good. Give the song a play and be sure to comment your thoughts!


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