Monday, June 15, 2015

O.U.R.S by Jermiside & Lmarr the Star

Get this week started with a fresh hip-hop tune titled "O.U.R.S" (Only Using Righteous Solutions) from two extremely talented and underrated rappers, Jermiside and Lmarr the Star. O.U.R.S is a smooth and serene tune that is fully equipped with a slow-paced and melodic beat, one soulful and catchy hook, as well as some wonderful lyrics and rhymes that touch on the alternative ways to handle the many trials and tribulations we, as people, will face everyday. This track is not only inspiring in its words, but peaceful in its sound. While much of the commercial hip-hop is getting continuously diluted, it's always nice to hear artists still making music with substance. Give "O.U.R.S" a listen and be sure to comment your thoughts! 

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