Sunday, May 31, 2015

No Turning Back (Video) by Substantial

"Mr.Consistent" is at it again. I'm talking about DMV rapper Substantial and his latest visual for the single "No Turning Back" from his most recent EP with The Other Guys titled, The Past.... The song itself is tranquil and easy-going which is due in large part to the mellow beat produced by Joe & Isaiah. The lyrical content from Stan is, as always , superb as he dives into the topic of progressing and moving forward in life, rather than living in the past. With that said, Stan dedicated this track to the late Nujabes (whom he worked heavily with) and in the third verse of this track, he delivers some touching and moving lyrics that shed light onto Stan's personal thoughts on his fallen brother. The video itself does the track justice by portraying smooth and serene themes and imagery, "No Turning Back" is definitely a good watch.

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