Wednesday, May 20, 2015

ForestReal (Video) by Gods'Illa

Gods'Illa; a group of three brothers that have been consistently churning out quality hip-hop for the last decade. That being said, the trio hasn't actually released a full-length project since 2011 and now they're looking to update all the listeners as to what they've been up to with their forthcoming album, Believe In Gods'Illa which is due on June 2nd. 

With the release date just weeks away, Gods'Illa just put out the video to the project's lead single, "ForestReal" and this track is nothing to sneeze at. The beat is simplistic yet efficient and the rhymes are above par with excellent delivery from all three artists (Acem, Truth, and Powerful). This boom-bap hit should get all listeners jazzed for the upcoming record, and if it doesn't, then get your ears checked. 

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