Sunday, May 24, 2015

Flawless by Supastition

It was  some time around 2010 and I was digging through the catalog of  Fresh Daily, when I came across a track he did for the QN5 Music compilation album, Asterisk: Four titled "Rising." I was mainly listening to hear Fresh, but then some up-tempo and aggressive rapper blew my mind when he said "before you see Supa get smoked in the booth, you'll see Dean Smith coming back to coach for Duke." That rapper was Supastition, and from that moment on, Supa has been hands down one of my favorite rhymers, and it comes with great pleasure to announce that he has just released a brand new single and has a full-length project on its way!

The single is titled "Flawless" and from my biased opinion, Supa seems to be in prime form as he raps over the Praise produced boom-bap beat. What separates Supastition from other rappers is his mind-numbing delivery. With that said, many artists are praised on this site for this quality, however, Supa has this "it" factor with his voice that makes his clever and sharp lyrics come out crisp and effortless. All that is displayed in full-effect on "Flawless" and if the rest of his forthcoming album (Gold Standard) is this good, then you can expect another awesome hip-hop project from North Carolina's finest; Supastition.

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