Friday, February 20, 2015

Push It Along by Sareem Poems & Ess Be

A while back, word broke that Illect Recording artist Sareem Poems would be teaming up with Michigan based producer, Ess Be for a collaborative full-length project. Though the album, Beautiful Noise, won't be released until March 31st, the first single from the forthcoming effort is out for the mass public! The single is "Push It Along" and it features an uplifting and empowering message preached by Sareem. The beat from Ess Be is an up-tempo one that includes a smooth and triumphant sound vibe. Additionally, Sareem Poems has a very unique and skilled delivery that elevates every track he puts his voice on. This album could shape up to be a good one assuming the other tracks sound similar to this one. Give "Push It Along" a listen and be sure to comment your thoughts!

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