Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mini Reviews #5

Today, we revive our "Mini Review" series that garnered a lot of views in the past. This is simply a post that includes a few albums, with a short synopsis and review. The albums below are all solid projects that have a lot to offer listeners, so check out the featured projects, and comment your thoughts at the bottom of the page!

Caesar Is Home by royceBirth
Caesar Is Home cover art

Caesar Is Home is the second full-length project from Toronto emcee, royceBirth. This album is really a tale of two halves, as the first five of fourteen tracks are rock infused, and quite eccentric. Though, after the song "The Shining" (featuring Relic) this album takes off, and for the better may I add. The beats get smoother, the tempo and sound become a little more cohesive, and rocyBirth's verses get sharper. Yes it has a bit of a rocky start, but stick with this album and it'll prove to be well worth the listen. Caesar Is Home is an extremely versatile project that displays an array of sub-hip hop genres. royceBirth has an abundance of potential, so be sure to remember his name for future reference. @rocyebirth     

Cincinnati Royals Collective by Homge (CVG)
Cincinnati Royals Collective cover art

Cincinnati Royals Collective is a compilation album put together by producer Homage (CVG) to display some of Cincy's best hip-hop acts. This twenty-five track album is hand-tailored for those boom-bap fanatics. The beats are very solid and smooth throughout the entire project, and they really stole the show on this project. Not that the vocal features were poor, because they weren't, but the four producers who had their hand in the creating of this music did a really good job. There is really an abundance of talent featured on CRC, and the entire concept of the album is really neat; gathering the local talent of one's city to create a really good project.

Guerilla Grind by Ed E. Ruger
Guerilla Grind cover art

North Carolina native Ed E. Ruger just released his latest full-length project titled, Guerilla Grind, and man is it a good one. Ruger is an energetic, up tempo, in your face emcee that has sound lyrics, and an even stronger delivery. He displays those traits all throughout Guerilla Grind, additionally, he enlisted the help of quite a few emcees to be featured on this album, namely Sadat X, SkyBlew, Stat Quo, Wax, Whitney Peyton, and many more. There are an abundance of features, but they don't seem to dilute the finished product. This album definitely lies more towards the aggressive style of hip-hop, but that's just the way Ruger rolls. All in all, this is a pretty strong project, that has some dope beats, and solid rhymes. Being a North Carolinian myself, I'm just glad to see Ed E. Ruger represent the Tar-Heel State well. @Ed_E_Ruger

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