Sunday, January 25, 2015

HiPNOTT Records 2015

Avid readers of the site should know that The Under-Cover Album Review is a big fan and supporter of the grassroots hip-hop label, HiPNOTT Records. That being said, HiPNOTT just announced their entire 2015 release schedule! There are tons of great albums in the works so be sure to review this comprehensive list and comment what album you're most excited for. As for me, I'm most excited for the new MarQ Spekt & Blockhead album from the third quarter!

First Quarter (Jan - Mar)
Tanya Morgan - 12 Minutes at Karriem's
JSOUL - Audio Appetizerz
Von Pea & The Other Guys - To: You Instrumentals
Amiri - Diggin' With Amiri (Beat Tape)
Substantial - DEMO: Pre-Hyde Out (Circa 1999)
The Regiment & Sinitus Tempo - S.O.U.L. EP
MarQ Spekt & MOBONIX - BIONIC JAZZ (Album)
Substantial & The Other Guys - The Past... EP
Donwill & Dash Speaks - Don Speaks (Physical Release)
The Regiment - TBA EP

Second Quarter (Apr - Jun)
Tanya Morgan - You Get What You Pay For (Album)
Substantial & The Stuyvesants - ...Always EP
JSOUL - The Purple Symphony (Album)
Gods'Illa - Believe In Gods'Illa (Album)
Sinitus Tempo - End of A Love Story (Album)
Akrobatik & The Other Guys - TBA EP
Third Quarter (Jul - Sep)
The Regiment & J Rawls - TBA EP
The Other Guys - After The 9 To 5 Instrumental EP
MarQ Spekt & Blockhead - Keep Playin' (Album)
Substantial & Marcus D - ...Present EP
Carolina Dirty - TBA (Album)
JSOUL - The Neutronic Session (Album)

Fourth Quarter (Oct - Dec)
The Regiment - TBA (Album)
Substantial - The Past Is Always Present In Our Future (Album)
The Other Guys - Fruits of Our Labor (Album)
SciFi Stu - Thru Life (Album)

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