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Q&A With Von Pea (of Tanya Morgan)

Von Pea: So East Coast [Music Video prod by The Other Guys]      
I was recently able to shoot some questions over to rapper, Von Pea (of Tanya Morgan) in regards to his upcoming album, To:You, which is entirely produced by production duo The Other Guys. Within this Question and Answer session, readers should be able to get a bit of an inside look at what went into the making of this project, and even learn about the recording of a track that took over seventy tries! Check out the interview below and feel free to comment your thoughts on the article!

You've worked with The Other Guys in the past, but what made you want to release an entire project with them?
-It was timing really. Usually I'd say no to a collaborative album unless it was with some old friends I'd worked with for years but I'd just left a show and was inspired based on what I saw and heard. They sent me some music that felt like the show and it made me consider it. About a week later I said yeah to it!

You're in Tanya Morgan with Donwill, and you both will have released a solo project this year. How is it different making an album without him?
 Any similarities?
-Donwill and I have a similar sense of humor...that might be the secret to our success actually. Haha...there are things the group does that may begin as a joke then become a thing for us. When we're alone it's all your own ideas. I was there when he recorded the Don Speaks project and I'm a fan of his solo ideas. Shit like "RGFN". Its subtle for me, hard to explain it really.

Where does the album's name, To:You, come from?
-Its an album that I made based on what I thought the listeners would want to hear. You'd assume I always do that but stuff like "Duly Noted" was more therapeutic and for me, while hoping people just feel me. This time was more thinking about what people might want to hear first. The Other Guys are fans of TM so they were like the focus group in a way.

A few of your HIPNOTT label mates are featured on the album, what was it like working with guys like Substantial and Jermiside?
-Its dope working with them.
What's was your favorite part about creating this album?
I always enjoy working on the sequencing. That's always my favorite thing to do on any project so Id say that was my favorite part.

Did you come across any bumps or curves while making To:You? 
(If so, how did you work through them?)
-I wanted to record "So East Coast" in one take. As in, one recording all the way through the whole song, chorus and everything. So that took over 70 tries as my tone would change, or id rush one part or fumble one word and I kept doing it over and over. I gave up and recorded a version that was the usual multiple recordings for the chorus alone, verse one alone, etc. but id felt like Id given up on the plan so I kept at it until I got it right.

What does this project mean to you, and how does it further expand your vast catalog of music?
-This album was fun. Its another collaborative project that came out as quality...I look at albums like actors doing movies. You can have a favorite movie that you've seen like, 4 or 5 times but you know you like it a lot. That's kind of how music is now so that's how I look at it. If anyone ends up playing this 100s of times that's great too!

How long did this album take to make?
-About a month.

What's your favorite track on the album?
-Might as Well and Connect Four.

How do you personally chose the album artwork for projects? Is there a process, or just whatever you like?
-Once the album has a mood I search for a cover that seems to match the mood by color, and if there's a concept then the cover has to match that concept. This time the cover came from the video shoot and it had a classic rap look to it, then The Other Guys added the blue note touch.

Any last comments on the album?

-November 25th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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