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People of Today by The 1978ers

People of Today cover art

     In 1978 it was the Cowboys that topped the Broncos 27-10 in Super Bowl XII. In 1978 a dozen eggs cost only 48 cents while a gallon of gas costed 63 cents. In  1978 an 8 Track Player cost a whopping $169.00, but 1978 was also a year that saw the birth of two artists that would go on to to bless the world with their unique brand of hip-hop. Their names? Slimkat and yU.

     While it is true that yU is thirty-three percent of the storied DMV trio, Diamond District, he is also fifty percent of The 1978ers. On this specific album, his lyrical gift is displayed for the world to hear as he seems to be at his absolute best on every track featured on the album. Those familiar with yU's rhyme style know what he's capable of, those not familiar need to go ahead and buy this album.

     One of the really interesting aspects of People of Today is that the songs are about, well..people of today! Many of the songs are stories and narratives of various people. The storytelling style of lyricism is nothing new to yU, but the way he presented a lot of his stories on this album seemed to be a tad different. He added more detail and more emotion to the characters within his lines, and that made for an incredible listen. A track that showcased this style of lyricism is "Sacrilegious" which is an all around phenomenal song. The people presented in that story are very relatable to a few in my own life, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who knows a few hypocritical folks.

     That track is just one example, while the entire album is jam-packed with conscious lyricism that is delivered in such a luxurious way, that it may have listeners ask themselves, "Why even listen to other albums?" When it comes to lyrical content, People of Today is second to none, and what's even more amazing, is that the very same argument could be made for the production on the project.

     While yU handled all of the vocals (for the most part) it was Slimkat that was in control behind the boards. His style is diverse, strong, versatile, and above all, it sounds amazing. The beats really took on a role of their own as the many different styles and sounds spanned across a wide range, all while staying under one comprehensive theme. Very rarely can it be said that each track on a given album was very different, yet seemed to fit the others so perfectly, however, People of Today is the exception.

     The beats also infuse a bit of live instrumentation on a few tracks, and boy are they placed perfectly. In fact, Zo! of The Foreign Exchange is featured playing keys on one of the songs, which is a really nice guest appearance! The production is clean, tight-knit, and pure. With characteristics such as those, the beats can do no wrong!

     If there are any flaws in this album, then they went unheard to me. While I am no expert, I do know what a great album sounds like, and this definitely qualifies as great. Slimkat and yU are one hell of a duo, and as long as the jams keep churning out, and sounding like this one, they should be set for a great future. While a perfect ten out of ten seems a bit high, it wouldn't be a stretch to make that claim. This is hip-hop, this is music, and this is great.

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