Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ken Hannah by Eazy Steve

Showing further proof of his progression over the last few months is rhymer Eazy Steve. This man has continuously impressed his doubters by stringing together a line of extremely solid releases. The latest addition to this streak is the single, "Ken Hannah" which is a track that reflects on the time spent with his grandfather (Ken Hannah) and applies it to his older self. The incredible beat is produced by Zan Dretti, and the catchy hook comes to us from Marijiah Bowman. Steve's flow seems to have been polished, as it is now in prime form. I feel like I've said this about Steve's last few singles, however, "Ken Hannah" is my favorite Eazy Steve release to date. The structure behind the song is much more concrete as opposed to previous releases, and the overall sound seems to be pure. Hopefully Steve keeps up this hot-streak he's on, but only time will tell. Check out the track and comment your thoughts!

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