Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Dream Woke by Allen Poe

Continuing the hot-streak he is already on, rapper Allen Poe released the newest single off his upcoming album, How Gardens Grow, which is scheduled to release on October 16th. The name of the track is "Dream Woke" and this is one of his most melodious tracks to date. His sound stays consistent through all of his releases, only making one or two minor adjustments to his craft. This cohesion in his music is something to applaud, as his lyrics in this track, as well as many others, are very storybook-esqe, and that makes for a wonderful listen. The beat on the track is produced by PJ Katz, and hats off to him for one heck of a beat. In all, this is a very tranquil song that many listeners should enjoy. Check it out and comment your thoughts!

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