Friday, October 3, 2014

Always On Go by The Regiment

Promoting both dope music and graphic arts is the new platform from HiPNOTT Records called, HiPNOTT Certified. Among the first to be released under this platform, is the new single by hip-hop group, The Regiment titled "Always On Go" which features cover art designed by graphic artist RF3RD. The track itself has a very eerie and serene feel to it, as emcees OSI and IseQold drop some great lyrics along with their smooth and consistent flows. The track will be featured on the groups upcoming project, S.O.U.L which will hopefully elevate not only The Regiment's brand, but HiPNOTT's brand as well. This is a label that has done nothing but grow and put out great acts such as The Regiment. Stay tuned for more music by The Regiment, and comment your thoughts on the track!

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