Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Old Street (Video) by Allen Poe feat. Emma Shaheen

With some artists, expecting the unexpected is the only way to prepare for their new releases. With others, their consistent sound is a staple to their name and quality music is something to be expected each time they release something new. Allen Poe, the Kentucky based emcee, is without question the latter of those two previously stated examples. Time after time Poe delivers a smooth and serene brand of hip-hop that has become is trademark. With this visual, he wanted to take a break from releasing new music from his upcoming album, and put out a video for a single on his last tape, Pocket Full Of Ohms. This track is titled "Old Street" and it has a jazzy feel to it. The simplistic nature of Poe's calming tone is something that will resonate with many listeners. His lyrical ability is nothing to sneeze at either, as Poe is always telling stories in his rhymes. Check out this video and comment your thoughts below!

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