Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Lost Cause by Diamond District

Yes the immaculate trio known as Diamond District is back with their second single off their upcoming sophomore album, March On Washington. The title of their latest track is "Lost Cause" and per usual, the production is handled by the legend himself, Oddisee. In terms of the beat, this track is definitely not their typical sound, it's less of boom-bap track, and more of a more modern style of hip-hop beat. Though, since it's produced by Oddisee, everyone knows he's going to throw in his special touch to give the beat that DMV flare. What is most spectacular about this track, and many other tracks from the group, is that even if the beat is a style or sound that differs from their norm, they still bring the same lyrical intensity and cretivity to their verses. All three artists, XO, yU, and Oddisee have killer verses and it's mind blowing that these guys haven't blown up. Then again, maybe the world just isn't ready for this unstoppable group, but that remains to be seen, until October 14th that is. Check out the track and comment your thoughts!

*Read what Marcus J. Moore, journalist for the Washington City Paper, had to say about Diamond District here: http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/articles/46250/rough-cuts-five-years-ago-diamond-district-helped-define-the/

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