Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Friction by SigNif

     The dictionary.com definition of the word "versatility" is capable of or adapted for turning easily from one to another various tasks, fields of endeavor etc. The Under-Cover Album Review definition of the same word is simply, Signif.

     While SigNif is versatile, it's "friction" that bears the name of her latest album. This project features artists such as Elzhi, Aldrick, Emmy Wildwood, Sadat X and more. Though she is a female emcee, not many women have been known to rap like SigNif, heck, not many men rap like SigNif! That being said, it's time we forget the gender barriers in hip-hop and just focus on the hip-hop. In this case, the hip-hop is top notch.

     Based on the few singles SigNif released from this project in the weeks leading up to the album, it seemed as if there was no set direction in the album, however, the clear cohesiveness with each and every track was very surprising, especially when listening to the entire album in one sit-down. Each track brought fourth different elements of style and sound and was truly a surprisingly great album.

     One of the first things listeners may notice about SigNif, is that she's actually extremely educated in her rhymes. The second track on the album is titled "Late Night Jazz" and in this track Sig is just listing off Jazz musicians left and right, and it was just very exciting hearing that as the second track, and knowing there's still eleven more tracks to get to. Putting "Late Night Jazz" as the second track was a great move on SigNif's part because it got all the Jazz heads, like myself, very pumped for the rest of the album.

     She can rap about Jazz, so what? Well, not only can she create an innovative song, but she also has some of the illest flows and lyrics around. She will surprise anyone who listens, and that's a guarantee. SigNif can go from being an in-your-face rapper dropping one-liners that induce the DeAndre Jordan stank face, to being this story-telling rhymer who raps about love and connections. It's really quite astonishing that one artist can be this overlooked simply because of her gender, because SigNif is extremely talented as an artist, not as a female emcee.

     How dem beats sound? The beats sound great. The production is all over the place, but at the same time, it's one of the most consistent things on the album. It's a bit of boom-bap, with some old-school style beats thrown in the mix. This style and blend creates the perfect compliment to SigNif's lyrical style, and at the end of the day, isn't that all anyone could ask for?

     One of the problems listeners may run into with Friction, is the seemingly lack of problems. That's not to say that this is a flawless album that's a shoe-in for album of the year, simply because it's not. However, it is a really good album, from start to finish and in today's world, that's a rare trait to be found in a hip-hop album. 

     To wrap this review up, SigNif is an extremely versatile emcee, and Friction is an incredibly solid album from beginning to end. Minimal flaws can be found in the finished product, and that is a testament to Sig. There are some really great tracks on the project, then there are some good tracks on the album, but there isn't a single bad track on Friction. SigNif will surprise anyone who listens, simply because she's a pretty freaking good rapper. Not much more I can say after that. Check out Friction and comment what you think!



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