Monday, September 8, 2014

Dear Father (video) by Dynamic Equilibrium

Dynamic Equilibrium is a group that doesn't get talked about enough. Together, rapper Alpha Memphis and producer Machia make some of the best underground hip-hop around, and nobody is taking notice. The latest release by DE is a video for the track "Dear Father" which was featured on their most recent album, Post Crack Era. The videos that Dynamic Equilibrium releases are always top notch, and they help get across the track's message or theme. This group is always amazing at creating powerful visuals to go along with the very powerful lyrics by Memphis. On this track, Alpha Memphis is talking to God, and is just asking why. He doesn't curse God, or even blame him, he just asks the question many believers have all felt at times. Heck, even the non-believers have asked why before. That being said this track isn't a Christian Hip-Hop release, but it's still an extremely dope release, kind of like Blu's Below the Heavens. Check out the video, and comment what you think!

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