Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Ballad Of Pigeon Man by SkyBlew feat. D&D Sluggers

There aren't many things that make a blogger happier than getting an email that has new, fresh concept for a song, video, or album. One track that recently found it's way in my inbox is "The Ballad Of Pigeon Man" by hip-hop's good guy, SkyBlew. The song itself is a take on an episode from the 90's cartoon "Hey Arnold" which SkyBlew says had a major impact on his life. The episode is really about a man who preferred the company of birds, and SkyBlew took that idea and put it into a real life message. The picturesque lyrics by Blew are great as usual, and his soft-spoken voice goes hand-in-hand with the serene and peaceful beat produced by SublimeCloud. Additionally, the track has a great chorus that just may resonate with many people. Check out this great new track and comment your thoughts below!

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