Friday, August 8, 2014

Air Pegasus (Le Cadeau) by MarQ Spekt feat. Aseop Rock and Open Mike Eagle

"Air Pegasus (Le Cadeu)" is the single dubbed as a bonus track to MarQ Spekt & Blockhead's latest collaborative effort JustPlayWitIt. The track didn't make it in time to get on the final cut of the album, but for good reason because 'Air Pegasus' has an eerie vibe that the rest of the album didn't seem to give off. Rapping along side Spekt, are Open Mike Eagle, who recently dropped Dark Comedy, and the legend Aseop Rock. The beat is laid down by Blockhead, and that means it has to be good. This is a slower, more laid back track with sharp lyricism and a head-nod-inducing beat. Check out the track below, and comment your thoughts!

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