Monday, August 25, 2014

About You by Carolina Dirty

"About You" is the latest release from the hard hitting fem-cee, Carolina Dirty. This track also dubs as the second single off her upcoming full-length project, STILLATIT. For those not familiar with this HiPNOTT artist, just know that her lyrics are educated as well as in your face and on this track she makes sure everyone knows not to count her out or her next rhyme just may be about you! Carolina Dirty gets her name from the place she's from, South Carolina, but I, a proud North Carolinian, won't hold that against her since she makes some dope music!  The beat on this track is produced by DJ Shakim, and his smooth, yet hard beat fits great with Carolina Dirty's flow This is a track, as well as an album, no one should miss out on, so listen to "About You" and comment your thoughts!

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