Friday, July 25, 2014

I Want It All (Video) by Dayne Jordan

Dayne Jordan may not be a familiar name to many readers, but DJ Jazzy Jeff is, and Jazzy Jeff produced the beat for Dayne's most recent release, "I Want It All." Simply put, Dayne Jordan is a lyrical emcee that (on this track especially) strays away from any cliche' subject matter. Dayne, has clever one liners that fit within the realm of the message he is conveying, which should really excite listeners because he could be a big name in indie hip-hop in the near future. Not only was the song sick, but the video is too! It really isn't anything special at first glance, but how many other music videos are shot entirely with a GoPro? As if that wasn't enough, the graphics were all done on an iPhone. Welcome to the twenty-first century! Give the video a look and comment your thoughts!

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