Thursday, July 31, 2014

HT=MV2 (HardTimesEqualMotivation) by P.A.T. Junior

One of the hardest jobs an artist may have is selecting what track should be the lead single of an upcoming project. Artists should choose a song that is going to get people excited about the project, and something that will really click with people. Often times in the indie hip-hop world, artists will choose a single that has solid lyrics, and a smooth beat, but it really doesn't do anything that gets anyone excited. Well, here is the exception. "HT=MV2" is the first single off of P.A.T. Junior's upcoming project Nystagmus which is scheduled to release this Fall. "HT=MV2" gets the blood flowing from the second the play button is hit. Junior's lyrics are empowering and his flow matches the intensity of the beat produced by D.Steele. This track will excite people, and that can be said with certainty. Give this track a listen and comment your thoughts!

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