Sunday, July 13, 2014

1994 (Video) by B.Cooper feat. Foure

Some rappers tend to make songs about simple topics with catchy lyrics, while others tend to convey messages and tell stories. "1994" by B.Cooper is on the storytelling side, as he, along with Foure tell their early memories of jotting down rhymes in notebooks. The track comes equipped with a silky smooth hook, and a great beat produced by SkySense and Dirty Rice. The visual takes the song's storybook lyrics to new levels giving viewers a glimpse of the two emcee's past. B.Cooper and Foure both have great verses, and listeners will notice the genuine tone behind B.Cooper, as it doesn't appear that he is trying to emulate others styles, but rather elevate his own. This track will be featured on Cooper's upcoming album While the City Sleeps. Look out for the review on that project soon. Check out the video and comment your thoughts!


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