Monday, June 30, 2014

Long Walk (Video) by P.R

Producer P.R presents his visual for the track "Long Walk" which was featured on his most recent project titled Moment In Time. While the remixed version of the song features lyrics from rapper Awon, the video itself is for the instrumental/ original version of the song, and was shot in Tokyo which provided wonderful scenery for the video. The production is great, simply put, and it tells a story with no words at all. The video shows the constant movement of people, whether by foot, car, train or bike, all while fitting the instrumental's portrayed theme perfectly. Check out the video and comment your thoughts!

Moment In Time by P.R


  1. I came across his work and some of the stuff he's done with underground cats and it's like he's Nujabes reincarnate

  2. P.R is an excellent artist with the ability to convey emotions without words. A picture is worth a thousand words and this track highlights P.R's unique gift.



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