Friday, April 25, 2014

Shooting Starz by Seven Da Pantha

     If resumes mean anything in the music industry, then Seven Da Pantha should be a household name. The North Carolina native has toured with KRS-One and The Roots, he has even opened for Wu-Tang, Jay-Z, and Busta Rhymes. Da Pamtha's latest EP, Shooting Starz, is an eleven track project with a whole host of features, and is entirely produced by Truss One.

     Often in the underground hip-hop community, artists will release an album in which almost every track has a feature; Shooting Starz is one of these albums. Only three tracks of eleven have no features so it's hard to get a full taste of what Seven Da Pantha is really about. Not that the features on the project are bad, just that most of the artists aren't familiar names and if you've never heard any tracks by Da Pantha, it could be hard to even figure out which rapper he was.

     Once you do figure out which rapper he is however, you will notice he is a pretty talented lyricist. He brings that southern grimy style in his flow, but his sophisticated lyrics will really surprise you. Vocally, he sounds similar to DMX, though don't expect any barking or extreme adrenaline pumping tracks on this EP. Seven speaks a lot on being all about hip-hop, and not so much the extra things the industry comes with. Listeners will be opened up to a style of hybrid rap that combines lyricism and raw, down-south rap, and the end result is pretty satisfying.

     The lyrics provided by the south, while the beats were provided by Truss One and the far the west..Tacoma, Washington to be exact. It wouldn't be fair to call this a one emcee one producer album, simply due to the amount of emcees on the project. That being said, listeners will still get a sense of united style between the beats and rhymes. 

     Truss One can't be described as a boom-bap producer, but really has a versatile sound. The sound like a more modern southern style beat, which fits Da Panther's sound fairly well. The drum kicks though, don't have the greatest sound quality on a few tracks, but it's nothing that takes away from the album.

     In all, Shooting Starz is a pretty successful release by Seven Da Pantha and Truss One. You will hear a legion of other artists on the project you probably won't be familiar with. Though this downfall doesn't bring the album down much, because all of the featured artists had good verses that added many different styles. This could be an album some love, and some don't connect with. Either way it's not bad by anyone's standards. Check out the project an comment what you think!

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