Monday, March 3, 2014

Sound of the Weapon by Verbal Kent

     Coming off the critically acclaimed self titled album, Ugly Heroes, with Red Pill and Apollo Brown, Verbal Kent releases his solo project Sound of the Weapon produced entirely by Khrysis. Sound of the Weapon won't be one of the marquee releases from Mello Music Group this year, but it will be more than deserving of listener's ears as Verbal Kent  lyrically kills every beat including the one produced by 9th Wonder

     Kent's verbal ability is extremely underrated. He has the battle rap aggression with a conscious mind to not just have sick one liners, but also make sense in his raps. As much as I hate bringing race into this, as this should be solely about music, VK is not at all like many white rappers. He isn't the pretty boy or commercial/radio friendly artist you may often see or hear about. He is the grimy, in your face rapper you don't ever hear about. 

     His lyrics are first-rate as well as his flow. He may take some getting used to if you haven't heard an artist similar to him in terms of rapping style. The best track on the album is without question "Sammy Sosa." The beat is hard and the rhymes are harder. If you're on the edge about the album, jump to that track and you should be easily persuaded because it doesn't get much better than that when it comes to real hip-hop.

     The beats seem tailored for Kent's grittiness and when Khrysis is on the boards, you know you've got something special. North Carolina's own is without question one of the top names in the industry and his boom bap beats are second to none. The production is what makes this album. Not that Kent isn't an outstanding emcee, just that the beats he used are exceptional to say the least.

     I could go on and on about how this album is extremely underrated in the realm of underground hip-hop, and how it won't reach all the ears it deserves, but those who have heard Sound of the Weapon will simply nod their heads in approval of that statement. It's raw hip-hop at its finest. It's in your face hip-hop that will take you to the hospital because you broke your neck head-nodding to the beats of Khrysis. Verbal Kent is the kind of emcee who genuinely doesn't like other rappers, and it's awesome! Get this album now!

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