Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sorry for the Delay by Jered Sanders

Jered Sanders - Sorry for the Delay EP Cover 

     Released March 25th exclusively via Djbooth.net is Sorry for the Delay by Elementality Productions artist, Jered Sanders. This eight track EP is the prelude to his upcoming debut full-length album Gorgeous, which is slated to drop before years end. Sorry for the Delay will probably be your first encounter with Florida native and DMV resident, so what all does this free EP by a new name have?

     Having no features on any of the tracks, listeners get to hear solely Jered Sanders which is always rare when dealing with up and coming rappers. Most of the time, when a somewhat unknown emcee makes an album, it will be diluted with below par features that no one has ever heard of, so having an album entirely done (vocally) by Jered Sanders gives the world a chance to get to know his style as an artist. 

     From the first track, your head will be nodding as this EP includes one of the best first tracks ever. It's perfect because Sanders realizes that this is one of his bigger releases to date, which will bring in many new ears, so it's only right to blow you away the very second you hit play. Sanders is a lyricist, with an observant mind. Meaning that some of his lyrics will not only be clever, but also be insights to his personality and what he sees from his prospective. 

     For only having eight tracks, Sorry for the Delay includes extremely versatile lyrics and flow from Sanders. Every track is a different side of who Jered Sanders is as arapper and it's quite astonishing that he packed this album with such content for free. As a matter of fact, he even touches on why the EP is free on one of the tracks! His mindset is, if you like what he puts out for free, imagine what he would put out for a few bucks. It makes sense and it's true.

     Pulling beats from four different producers, and the majority of the album being produced by Flawless Tracks, Sorry for the Delay has a varied, yet cohesive (yes, cohesive is my favorite term) sound. None of the beats are too extravagant to the point where it sounds like it doesn't belong, but by no means do the beats fit hand in hand. Sanders picked different sounds with a common theme and it makes the album flow better and not drag on. The beats used have a variation of tempo, the first track is mostly piano while other tracks can have an upbeat pop sound(SWYMGY) but either way their still great tracks.

     Sorry for the Delay should bring any fan of hip-hop a new favorite up and coming artist. Jered Sanders has his own specified sound and I must say, it's quite spectacular. This EP has the ability to be anyone's next favorite album, it just needs to reach the right ears. Jered Sanders is a lyricist that can wrap double entendres around your mind all day. He's the kind of emcee that will say a great one liner, and use the next line to tell you why it was a great one liner. His ability creates for a great listen and the EP doesn't disappoint in the slightest bit.

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