Saturday, March 8, 2014

Running On Empty by Rem Steel

Running On Empty is the lead single off the upcoming album AM2AM(Audio Madness 2 a Misfit) by North Carolina rapper Rem Steel. This track has a heavy and hard hitting beat that has southern hip-hop written all over it. The special thing about Rem Steel, is rather than bringing cliche' lyrics to this style of beat, he chose to take a different route and tell a story in his lyrics. Rem says that the song is about hope, faith, and living out dreams even if you're in a bad place. The track also features vocals from Brittany Miller singing the chorus and theme of the track; Running on empty only makes you strong. Rem Steel is a very talented rapper who truly cares about the direction hip-hop is headed, and that can be heard while listening to his music. AM2AM is set to release on April 12th and is looking to be a very exciting release from an artist you NEED to get familiar with!

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