Thursday, February 27, 2014

WeekendWithMac by Ronniemac

     Released on December Seventeenth, WeekendWithMac is the debut project by Las Vegas rapper Ronniemac. This album will open some eyes and ears as Ronniemac has some high qualities and a long journey ahead of him as he tries to make a splash in the rap game.

     Ronniemac has an amazing flow. He knows how to stay on top of a beat whether fast or slow paced. He possess exceptional delivery with his rhymes throughout the entire mixtape and really surprised me with his talent in spitting. That being said, Ronniemac has fallen victim to being a product of what's hot now.

     The money, the women, the weed. Three things that if rapped about can make half the listeners infatuated with a rapper, and the other half not pay much attention to said artist. Ronniemac  without question raps about these subjects with an abundance. The thing that intrigues me about Mac, is that he holds all the skills to be a fairly well known artist. He has a unique style, flow, and like I stated previously Mac can float on top of beats the way Chris Angel floats on streets. If Ronniemac incorporated more lyrical flows in his raps rather than common and cliche' topics, he could easily rise to be one of the better underground artists. Ronniemac is now faced with options, he could be that commercial rapper that some love and some hate. Or he can add another element to his music and maybe not necessarily be as known, but without question more respected. Either way, I am a fan of Ronniemac and you should definitely check out WeekendWithMac to gather your own opinion.

     Enough said on his lyrical ability, his beats are also pretty strong. Some slow-cali style beats and some hype club banger beats comprise the eight track tape. Not an entirely unified sound with the beats, but it doesn't distract from the tape. Mac also seems to have real chemistry on the beats he uses which is another reason I take such a liking to this tape. 

     WeekendWithMac is a step. To some it may be a step in the right direction, others would argue the opposite. I'd like to think of it more as a step out rather than in a direction. Mac has some great qualities that you can hear on the very first track, I'd just like to see him add that lyrical element to his craft and see how that sounds. Listen for yourself and comment below on what you think, either way download this mixtape!

*Also, listen to the first thirty seconds of Ronniemac's verse on the track Another Day Another Dollar..flashes of pretty sound lyricism right?

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