Friday, August 21, 2015

System Overload by Dynamic Equilibrium

Dynamic Equilibrium; some of you have heard of them, some of you haven't. If you find yourself on the side unfamiliar with the New York based hip-hop duo, then know this, they are something special. They've been making music for a while, and their consistency in making quality music is unreal. Not only that, but rapper Alpha Memphis is always sure to say more than just cliche rhymes.  He makes listeners think with his universal lyrics that always have substance and meaning. Going along with Alpha's vocals, are the wonderfully produced beats by Machia that always set the mood and theme of the song in great fashion.

The latest track from DE is titled "System Overload" and this single fits perfectly in their already strong catalog. The beat, the lyrics, the hook, it's all great. Memphis raps about real life issues, and that's very evident in this song. You don't want to miss out on this duo, because they're going places, take my word for it. Give this single a listen and be sure to comment your thoughts.

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