Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Gateway to Greatness by P.SO

The Gateway to Greatness
P.SO The Earthtone King, maybe it's just me but I'm pretty sure that's the greatest name for an artist that I've ever heard! P.SO is this crazy, unique emcee that has a certain finesse  about him that hooks his listeners on every song that he has. Now when I'm not in class or blogging I work part-time at a fast food joint and there we call customers that continuously eat there "raving fans." I guess you could say I am a "raving fan" of P.SO the Earthtone King because this guy is awesome! His album is called The Gateway to Greatness and it will be coming out January 22nd so mark that day down in your calendars! The Gateway to Greatness will be P.SO's debut album and it has taken him about two years for it to be complete. In it contains 15 tracks and each one will take you on an adventure through the brilliant mind of P.SO. He released five of the singles off the album in late 2012 on soundcloud in anticipation for album and in all they got great feedback. One of his biggest singles on the album is "Back Again" featuring Outasight and on soundcloud it has just under two thousand plays which is pretty darn good in my book. This album (unlike most hip-hop albums) go much, much deeper than the singles. As great as the singles are, I feel like every song on The Gateway to Greatness brings a whole new dimension to the overall feel of the album which I find extremely rare and exciting! Another really cool thing about the album is the production, everything on the album is perfectly mixed and cut so that it gives a very high quality sound which you don't get too often with other up and coming artist. My favorite song on the album is "Find Out" featuring Andrew Reid. It is one of the catchiest songs EVER! It is also one of the coolest ways to write a song about someone, and to all those guys who want to write their girl a song but don't know any instruments, or just can't write songs,just play this song for her, she'll love the song, you, and P.SO, everybody wins! I'm also a big fan of the song "Angels and Demons" it's just a sick song with dope lyrics and P.SO's awesome flow. Also if anyone read our article on The Other Guys and liked it, then you'll be pleasantly surprised to see that they produced the song "So Enormous" on The Gateway to Greatness! I can say that I was VERY honored to check this album out before it drops on January 22nd, every song on it was absolutely amazing and EVERYONE needs to get this instant classic!

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*I want to thank P.SO for letting me check out the album before it was released so that I could write this review! I hope that he likes it, though no amount of words can describe this FANTASTIC album so show him some love and go buy it!

The video for Find Out

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