Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Other Album by The Other Guys

I know what you're thinking, did these guys get their name from the movie? Well the answer is no, in fact these are the original Other Guys! This is a dynamic hip-hop duo made of Mighty Joe and Isaiah Insanate Mensah, with Joe on the lyrics and Isaiah on the beats. Since I cleared that up I will tell you about their album that dropped in October of 2012 called, The Other Album. This album can be described as a hidden gem or a diamond in the rough. They have put out two other albums before this one, but  The Other Album is by far my favorite of the three. I think I take so much liking to this album because it has some of the most mellow beats I have heard, lyrics that will actually make you think, and a pretty solid overall production. The album is for free along with the other two, but I don't see why they don't charge, this album is honestly the definition of what hip-hop used to be, so if you are a big fan of A Tribe Called Quest, or even De La Soul then this album is perfect for you! Even if your not into the hip-hop classics, you will still find yourself nodding your head to just about all the tracks! My favorite track on The Other Album is Fathers Day. The song Fathers Day is about how Joe lost his father and is reminiscing of all the memories, it may be one of the smoothest songs I have on my ipod. In conclusion, do yourself a favor and download this album, its free and its really good, though I will say it did take me a few playbacks to fully come around to the album, but once I did I found that it is truly an awesome album!

*I would also like to note that these guys do all of their own beats, they both contribute with the instrument recordings and in the end it sounds awesome!

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