Saturday, February 1, 2014

Respect The Cool by Mic Blaque

Respect The Cool cover art
     Brooklyn emcee Mic Blaque released his sixth studio album on January 28th. Blaque has shared the stage with Joey Badass, Meek Mill and even Smoke Dza but Respect The Cool is all about Mic Blaque and his ability to create great music. "The reason this project means so much to me, Mic explained, is because all the other projects I've worked on were just stepping stones to this one.

    Hip-Hop can be traced back to many places, but one of the more commonly recognized birthplaces of this genre is Brooklyn. Brooklyn has raised some of the biggest names in Hip-Hop but what separates this particular Brooklyn artist from the others? His ability to be himself.

     The production has a very smooth, and thematic sound through the entire album. It doesn't sound like beats you would hear from this region of the map. Within the beats you can hear the various sounds of instruments and while the production credits can be attributed to seven different producers,  Blaque did a very commendable job at only using beats that fit him.

     Not your everyday lyricist, Mic Blaque is truly preaching individualism and the art of staying true to yourself. It's enjoyable to hear artists not speak on cliche' topics but it's also neat when artists speak on their life and what they've learned and done. The subject matter differs from everything to Miles Davis references, to his some religious thoughts. Overall Mic Blaque won't amaze you with one liners and simple lyrics, but his flow and capability to fit perfectly with each track is something rare. 

     Enough can't be said about Mic Blaque and how great of an artist he is. Downloading this eight track album may be one of the best decisions you can make. He has what it takes to be your next favorite artist, and hopefully his career can get elevated due to this release. We can only hope so right?

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