Thursday, February 20, 2014

CROWN by Nelson Amadeus

     Released on February Thirteenth, CROWN is the debut project from eighteen year old New York City emcee, Nelson Amadeus. This album provides hip-hop fans with a new name to get familiar with and it's the prelude to The Nelson Amadeus EP scheduled to release later in the year. The sound is a cross between radio/commercial rap, and underground hip-hop.

     Amadeus features various styles on this EP. This polarized production style carries both pros and cons for the young artist. The pros; Having various styles and themes of production will show versatility in terms of the lyrical aspect (if said artist is lyrically sound on all the tracks which Amadeus is). Another pro is that it shows listeners that the artist isn't afraid to step out of their comfort zone with multiple forms of beats. The cons; This can cause the album to not blend well and give listeners a choppy listening experience. Now by no means am I stating that each track on this album brings completely different beats that don't fit together at all. I'm simply saying that a more unified sound could have been achieved. The beats used are still very good beats, but I'm sure this "uniting of styles" will happen as time goes on as this is his first release.

     One aspect of the album that had no problem of consistency is Nelson's mic ability. He has a mature  flow that gives his debut EP the sound as if he has a few albums under his belt already. No overuse of double-entendres  or catchy one liners, but more of just solid spitting while staying in rythym with the beats.

     This album includes some features but no real familiar names. That being said the artists featured don't dilute the overall sound of the project. They mostly provide the hooks and maybe a verse or two so kutos to Nelson Amadeus for not overpopulating his album with poor features on his debut EP that just drag down the final sound. (A mistake made by up and coming rappers all too often).

     To sum up CROWN, it's a mix between commercial and underground hip hop with catchy hooks and solid lyrics. The album itself is a really good debut EP as Amadeus can easily start to make some noise in this industry if he progresses the right way.  Let me know your thoughts on the EP by commenting below!

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