Friday, February 14, 2014

Caprice Down by Oddisee

Caprice Down is a track from Oddisee's latest and greatest instrumental album, The Beauty In All. Like many of Odd's instrumental tracks, this one features soft melodic chords of various instruments with the Hip-Hop essence thrown in the mix creating a beautiful tune. This video features a skate crew by the name of Hammer City. The crew is based in Long Beach, California and the vibrant California sun fits perfect with the flawless production of Oddisee.

*The Following is the information on the video in accordance to Mello Music Group. This information is featured on the "About" tab of the video.

"The skaters featured in the video are from a crew called "Hammer City".
Hammer city is a collective of skaters who all live near or in the neighborhood on 14th street in Long Beach California. The crews founder was a skater named Michael Green A.K.A Blacc. Mike was gunned down in 2005 over a case of mistaken Identity. Needless to say, 14th street is not a conducive environment for skating, drugs and gangs shadow the landscape but n the middle of out all the kids found an escape, they found refuge in a park they dubbed "Ghetto Park" which later became know as "The Michael K. Green Skate Park."

-Mello Music Group

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