Monday, January 13, 2014

Friendly Reminder EP by Tino

    The way Louis Armstrong's trumpet would seemingly float on top of the other instruments in songs, is the way Cleveland native, Tino sounds. The only difference is Tino's trumpet is his voice and it's in the form of Hip-Hop. Friendly Reminder is the latest EP by Tino and this project was released December 30th, and like a snake in the grass, his talent on the mic will surprise you.

     Tino uses a variety of styles in terms of production. The EP is only seven tracks, but the diverse beats within each track make Friendly Reminder a strong EP going forward in 2014. The beats are really nothing to extra ordinary, but they go with his style and high energy style and it brings a cohesive sound to the tape.

     Like I stated previously, Tino's voice seems to be one notch higher than the beat, and Tino has a quality which very few posses; The ability to create a melody or beat with solely his voice. That being said his lyrical content is also something that I enjoyed. He raps about things that are real, things that we as listeners can relate to, all while having one of the best flows in the Indie Hip-Hop genre.

     This EP could very well have your next favorite song on it. Tino deserves to be heard and this is just a "Friendly Reminder" as to why that's true. Tino is the kind of artist that you watch as their career progresses and to the fans who have been listening to him since day one, you will soon be able to sit back and say "Told ya so". I'd love to know what you thought of this review/EP, let me know by commenting below! 

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