Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Chris Faust: New Singles

Yes...another Chris Faust post because the man has officially decided to takeover 2014. This time he has TWO new tracks this week. Since he has been creating quite the buzz with his upcoming projects, I thought it'd be interesting to see which track the readers like best. All you have to do is simply listen to both tracks and comment which one you think is better. Simple as that. 

The first track is "3.14" featuring Sunny Jones. This track includes an elegant horn section that gives this track that extra element we all crave. This track is my favorite of the two, but this does not mean I'm not amazed at the next track...because I am.

This track is "Lex Luthor" and it will be featured on his upcoming release Villain: Issue Three of Three. This album is shaping up to be something great based on the singles released thus far. This Brooklyn emcee must have taken a trip to Harlem as both of his new tracks have a perfect touch of saxophone that makes them both great songs. Now comment your favorite and we will see which track wins!

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